FAQ of Users

there will be an easy process, once you register as a client on app you can fetch your current location and then you can explore the profiles of professionals, connect with them and hire as per your requirements.
No, there is no cost to hire Photographer, Cinematographer and Drone pilot on Tricy
fetch your current location and you will get professionals available near you, so you can hire them before 2 hrs
Yes, you can reschedule time, date or place on app as per your need.

FAQ of Vendors

If any professional’s profile contain wrong information then we block their profile, if there is an any misunderstanding. Take help and we areready to solve your issue.
It only takes up to 48 hours for the profile to be reviewed and verified, if found in line with the set criteria.
tricy is not responsible for any accessories damage
No, tricy does not take any commision from Photographers, cinematographers and drone pilots
Tricy provides on demand drone pilot it means (AVP) stands for Aerial videography and photography pilot

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